Things in Your Attic That May Be Worth a Lot of Money

Lot Of Money

If you are reorganizing or finally cleaning your attic, it might be worth looking up whether your items are valuable antique pieces or not before donating them. If you have received keepsakes or family heirlooms from your grandparents, there could be one or two pieces in there that are old enough to be considered valuable antiques. Some of the items you want to look out for are Equestrian Paintings, old Video Game Consoles, original copies of the old books that are no longer in print, Midcentury glassware etc. You might be surprised to hear that old concert or movie posters are also considered valuable antique items, the most valuable one in the World being the 1931 Dracula Movie poster which was sold at a whopping $525,800. Surely you have one or two items which might be valuable antiques in your attic.

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